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Hello naturist gang. A good friend of mine hosts swinger party's at his home in the Bay Area of California for couples and single females ONLY. We were back for a wedding and since my wife would NEVER go to something like that I asked him if I could come as an observer only. He said sure and asked if I could transport a gal he had invited from the net there on my way, which I did. Well "D" never had photo's taken or been to a swing party before so I took a few pics before the other guests arrived and during one of her cleaning up sessions, then gave her the disks. By the time I left she had done just about every guy and gal in the place, about 20 couples, and was starting on round 2. The host just sent these to me as a gift from her so I now share them with you.

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Some days just seem like they are meant for lazing around the house or yard or sand. This was a laze around the sand kinda day. We packed the car up with a few strand toys and headed to our favorite non-crowded playa. The weather was awesome and there was hardly anyone there so I got to play naked in the water and on the sand for a while:0) As with any outing with Cam and his camera there had to be something that makes it memorable… See that EVIL boogie board I am lying on?? That thing hurt my wrist so bad! I was riding a wave in (I am such a plage bunny :0) and when I got to the shore and started to get off the board another wave caught it and tossed me a little. I put my hand down in the water to steady myself and there was a small dip there and so my hand went farther than I thought and so I had more weight on it when it hit the bottom! My wrist still hurts a month later! Lucky for Cam it was my left hand… *wink* Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Holidays! Still trying to talk Kate and Sailor into coming over for a BBQ:0) And I know Michele and her bf would come over and maybe BW and her hubby and Lexius and Lovely…. We could have a mini naturist BBQ party:0) Sailor you bring the drinks, Kate you bring the chips:0) Thanks Merci & Cam Equipment: Nikon D1, Solar Lighting, H2O, sand

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