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My honey and I were spending a weekend in downtown Chicago at the Hyatt. We awoke to a bright Monday morning and opened the windows to get some early sun. When we threw open the curtains, we were not only greeted with the warm morning sun through the window, but a closeup view of throngs of office workers arriving for another week of work in the building next door. It didn't take us long to realize they were as interested in us as we were in them and soon I was playfully teasing and flashing them as my honey snapped photo after photo. It was quite a rush to be the subject of more than one Monday morning conference room session as both men and women waved gave me the "thumbs up". Offices on several floors had a great view of me as I did of them!

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Mfmf Play Time - Did I have a great evening! We had a get together with My girl friend, her husband, a friend of there?s and a friend of mine. Both her and I love posting pics on the internet and figured it would be fun to play in the work out room (the guys where game for almost anything lol ). So here are a few of the pictures (sorry I can only post 10 at a time :( ) I will get the video to homeclips as soon as I can . And to the guys that said I look like I have put on weight it?s actually quite to opposite I am down to 119lbs and working hard on the rest and very proud of how I am looking. I also wore my naturist shirt for Kate and the gang! Ann

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