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With hubby away at work and the kids out of the house, I took the opportunity to see what I could do alone with the camera. So, I got out the manual, the tripod, and started playing around with the camera. I thought I was going to submit these for the special theme but then realized it was suppose to be "in the mirror" shots. I decided to submit these anyway. Mind you I did all this with 45 minutes before I had to be to work and I was still 15 minutes late! Good thing I have an unaware yet understanding boss. It has been a couple months since my last set, so I hope you haven't forgot me. I still remember all the wonderful comments I received the last time and want to say THANKYOU to all those who left them.

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Hi Kate, Crew, Everyone! I have said this before but I have to make sure and not forget to mention every once in a while how much I appreciate "Sailor" for the comments on my pics! Thanks Hun!! :) I thought this was a really nice theme for me. Why? Well....I love to have the opportunity to show off my "dolphin." Heheh....I havent had him but for about 6 months still sorta new to me! Only tat I have and only one I plan on having for some time, I think! LOL It was a pretty big decision for me....but for as long as I have been in LOVE with this animal....I thought why not! They have invaded my home! LOL They live in each and every room! Anyhow..for the point of the them this month....ass, huh? Who doesnt like that?!?! Hehe Hope ya'll enjoy my bum shots! :) Love to hear from you and I want to say that I enjoyed hearing your views on my V-Day series here in naturist last month (Feb 21st)! The nudistversion to that set should be up or will be any day now! Bye guys and girls...take care...xoxoxo Michele

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