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Hey gang, I don't know if these go in free style or NIP, I haven't quite figured out the difference. I'd put them in NIP, but then that's not up to me. Anyway, here's my story. I had taken some pix of the cute one back during the spring. Well, I finally got a printer and one of the shots I printed was of her (if the pix are in order it's the first shot. I included it because you can see she's holding it.) So I carried the pic with me when I went to the strand last sunday figuring on giving it to her and maybe getting some more shots. Well, she spotted me and walked straight over, and before I could even pull the pic out asked if I wanted to take a pic of her tits. What's an old voyeur supposed to say (actually something a little less lame than "yes" would have been good!) She then led me kinda outside the bar and called her friend over to join in. I got a couple of shots of them and then the third chick pops up and says "She wants to join in on this." Afterwards some guy told me he was going to get a camera if that was all it took to get girls to flash their tits. Til later, Oh yeah, I want to dedicate this contri to the jerk off who comment on my last TT contri that I "obviously" couldn't get women to show anything! p.s. I decided to included the close up's for two reasons; 1, the max is ten and I only had seven and 2, they are at full resolution and I had to down size the rest of the shots to meet naturist criteria.

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If it's not one thing, it's another. Now that the snow has stopped falling we are being treated to a healthy dose of April Showers. It was a bit warmer the other day, though it was wet outside, so I went to class in this somewhat funky mishmatched outfit and my flatmate near insisted we snap some shots in it once I got home. What can I say? When it's gloomy outside I want to brighten the world with my poor attempts at color coordination! The precipitation has been keeping me in doors though, and I've been exchanging a fair share of emails to pass the time when I should be doing my homework (especially now that University is almost coming to an end for the year). I do rather appreciate the kind words left in the comments and many of the emails sent to me through my website, and I am making a concerted effort to put all of this indoor time towards taking more photos and filling more requests. I think I shocked the boy I was seeing last year (the one I am with in the videos on my site), because he was floored by how wild some of the suggestions were! Needless to say, he's convinced you're all trying to corrupt me! I think he was more floored by how much of it I am open to. :)

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