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For a midwinter treat, Pearl (soon to be an unbelievable 54 years old) and I just spent a week in Hawaii with several of our children. We escaped the kids one afternoon to enjoy the sensuous solitude of snorkelling while wearing only our snorkel gear, wedding rings, and smiles. The submarine fauna didn't seem to care, but we loved the experience and we hope you do, too. Sorry for the poor image quality which results from a disposable underwater camera. This is our sixteenth naturist contribution and, as in the past, thoughtful commenters often receive a return photo, and we always delight in trading with other likeminded couples. Mahalo, Pat

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Hello once again to the wonderful voy-zone crew and nudistmembers..... This session started out as just a shoot of me in my new boots....As you will seeone thing led to another and the pics will speak for themselves..... My hubby surely loves those "blowjobs" but tonight was a little different..... I thought it would be a good op to bring him around to my "kinky" way of thinking..... Well needless to say it didn't take much once I started sucking him and giving him a lil "footjob"..... Seems he may have likedthe new boots alittle too much..... As he put it when it was all over, he was just breaking them in for a "friend".....hehe Kisses to all,

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