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Here we are in beautiful Hawaii and what do we do? Take pictures for naturist and RC…. Hmmmmm well there are worse places to do that :0) The title of our first submission to voy-zone a few weeks ago was "Merci in Blue" this one could almost be titled "Blue in Merci" …… hehehe. This isn't my favorite toy, but it is my most photogenic one :0) My favorite is my rabbit… maybe you'll get to see him one day, though the way his ears vibrate I'll have to have Cam set the camera on "action" and a fast shutter speed…. Thanks for the sweet comments before, we love reading them and try to answer back as much as possible. We have made some nice friends just from the people leaving comments:0) Still have another few days of vacation! I am sure the camera will come out again at some point :0) Aloha

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Hello Kate and hell to all Thank you for all your nice comments. I saw that I am nominated to win an award. I think Kate did that because he want to find out my street address! If I really win I then will have to open an POBox until for Kate's money? Now that Kate finally succeeded to provocate Amber so much that she took of her panties, I am somehow afraid that he will start his same game on me - but I will not do that! And there is not much to see because I have hair there. Now this is my last photo contribution because now we did the photos of Claudia and wait for the results. We will send them as soon as the photos are developed. I told you: She looks much better than I. You will see. I am also very sorry that nobody has sponsored an around the world ticket for you and me. I would really do this travel with you. Very often I read on the bulletin board that others would pay for my travel with them- but you Kate have no money? Everything goes into your web I think. I have an idea: Please put one banner here on this page. Every cent which comes in because the readers click on the banner does not go into your web but to a special account. You inform us on your board every day how much money we have. If we reached 10000 dollar we have enough to go for that trip - I promiss that you can take as much photos of me as you want during the trip and I promiss to your readers that you will publish them in your web. Good idea? One big kiss for Kate and do not forget the banner - you will see that everybody will help us!!! Sabine - Vienna Geeeez - what an idea! OK, I will try it out. I will put a banner right here on this page and update every hour the income. Every click is 5 cents - multiple clicks from the same account at one day are not counted by the hit counter. Gentlemen - click on the banner please if you would like to see me taking photos of Sabine!!!!! Kate BANNER INCOME: Started 21 Oct 13:30 GMT with 0.00 US$ BANNER INCOME:22 Oct 11:30 GMT 147.65 US$ = 1.5% BANNER INCOME:23 OCT 16:30 GMT 241.90US$ = 2.4% BANNER INCOME: 26 Oct 22:00 GMT 499.95 US$ = 5%

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