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I'm runnin' at the edge of the world, criticisin' somethin' I just don't understand, and I won't be, no I won't be, shot down....--------------------------At the edge of reality, at the edge of the 'Zona Nudista' they call it. Where the nervous chicks come to strip and play. Regulars like this babe always hang there - as if not quite being in the clothing-optional zone will save your ass from...Well, from the sharks like...Well, me. ;)------------ Big sign in the background marks the boundary between here and there...Can't you tell, heaven from hell? Blue skies from pain? your heroes for ghosts...Like me.--------------- In German the sign reads 'F.K.K' I always thought that was a Sandfly tribute: 'Fucking Krazy Kook.' Sadly, it just signifies nudity. A no lose situation that this Canarian lovely likes to place herself in. Was just a matter of getting my timing right, getting nearer to the shoreline with the sun at my back, and awaiting the fun to begin. She shines. She glistens. She bangs the drums. She has white bits, too. Enjoy...

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I had a great time doing this shoot. Yes, I did these all myself. You can just imagine how soaked the floor was after all that. I was playing a bit with the lighting and had contemplated not posting these because they aren't all perfect but, I had so much fun, I thought I might share them with you. I just want to say thanks to, Kate, The Awesome naturist Crew, My Forum Friends, and my Wonderful Support Group on my mailing list. You all ROCK!!! As I always do, If you leave an email address in my comments I will reply. Every now and then I get an error when sending so please, double check your comment. Thanks :) Special Thanks to my Cowboy for being the Best!!! Disclaimer Again: If you like a full bush, this contri is not for you. So forget the hair down there. It is almost gone and we like it that way.

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