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I am in love with a couch. Granted, that would be a step up from some guys I have dated, but I must say, this couch has been providing me with a comfortable place to sleep and immense leisure comforts as well. It is also very good for relaxing on when choosing to indulge in getting myself off. I can lay and think of past experiences, current fantasies, or abstract ideas. I can also watch a DVD, or even invite a friend to take photographs (okay, well, the same friend. LOL). I had gotten a few emails through our website and saw some comments asking for photos of me getting myself off, so I thought I would oblige, and express how much affection I have for this piece of furniture.

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Part one went well so I thought I'd submit a second set of photos. I'm no longer bored in New Jersey because, simply put, I have moved to Ohio. As to the question about where my interests lie, let's just say that women are the most gorgeous creatures on the planet. They're sexy, sensual and intelligent. The more intelligent they are, the sexier they are (I love the shots where a woman wears glasses). This second set of pics is a random bunch of photos, with no theme in mind, and taken both in New Jersey and Ohio. I travel a lot for business so anyone interested in sharing pictures will certain help me pass the time.

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