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Went to Vegas for our anniversary a couple months back. Wife loves to get daring at times especially in Vegas. Well we have done pics by windows before, but we are usually 5 floors or higher. Not this time we were 2 floors up and at the heart of the strip! We were in front where everybody walks plus just below us was a small parking area for the employees :) plus we were right next to the other hotels with windows where they can easily see in, especially at night! We took a lot of pics and this is just 10 of them from 2 different days and one night. Oh ya, and when we were having sex in front of the window we say a security guard walking in plain view of our window. Not sure if he saw us :) hopefully he did, but we ducked out of site, after thinking about it we shouldn't have, but didn't want to get in trouble. Anyways hope you like them and would really like many comments and a high ranking ;) so we will cum back and post more...

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I just finished taking a photography class so I've been playing with lots of different lighting effects lately. I was taking some pics of myself with an orange gel over the light & really loved the look. I put on my sexy fishnet stockings & a garter belt, put my camera on the self-timer & started posing. With the warm glow on my skin, I felt so beautiful. The sexier pictures I took, the more turned on I got! Finally, I dragged my hubby into the mix & we took these steamy pics. I really hope you like them because I have been just glowing. They are the first photos I've taken that I've been really proud of. Too bad I can't show my mom! :) Anyways, I'd love to hear what you think. You can leave me a message on my site at: Enjoy!

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