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Hello Kate and naturist staff. Hello friends and funs. Last summer we went to Castell’Arquato, a medieval castle in the nord of Italy. Mauro toke a lot of pics. These are the EIP shots. I’ll send more and more in the next days. Have a good time. Contact me, leave a comment. Wet kiss to all Yours Elise Ciao a tutti. La scorsa estate siamo andati in un sacco di posti… qui siamo a Castell’Arquato, un piccolo borgo medievale tra Parma e Piacenza. Mauro ha scattato molte foto e quelle che vedete sono una parte. Un'altra parte delle foto potrete vederla nella sezione Free style prossimamente. Avvertiamo tutti, che saremo di sicuro al motor show di Bologna ai primi di dicembre. Se volete incontrarci contattateci e lasciate un recapito. Adesso vi bacio tutti e vi ricordo che i vs commenti sono graditi perche mi riempiono di gioia. Un grosso umido bacio a tutti quanti. Vostra Elise

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Hello again, well here I am again, this time exercising my tonsils on hubbys cock, apparantly he quite enjoys it too !!!!. These were taken at different times, sometimes we get too excited to finish the shoot with the camera, he gets the shakes, know what I mean. Sorry still can't show my face, you know how reserved us Brits are. Thanks for all the messages, getting to know the regulars now. One day I might pluck up the nerve to actually reply on the www. To Amanda who asked about the pink toy on a previous contri, its a soft (but Not too soft) double headed dildo that i love to keep current with. Will show more of it later. Lots of love, keep voting and writing,

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