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Hi, Thanks for all the great comments on my last contri, together with my dear friend Ninoska. I tried to reply to all of you, but.....I'm sure that a few escaped my attention as I went on a trip just after it came on. So sorry!!! Did though prepare a new contri for all of you during that holiday. I know, I know...again no titties... Well, let me tell you that in Florence (Italy) the day was really lousy...cold, raining. Hey!!! Would like to see one of you opening your shirt in a weather like that!!! Athens (Greece) was sunny, but the Acropolis was full of people, many kids amongst them and hardly any hidden angles..... I promise I will send a private picture showing my titties to everyone that leaves me an email address with his/her comment (only the nice comments of course...). Hope you enjoy the charms of these so beautiful cities, as well as mine. The change of guards in Athens turned out a bit dark, but...everyone who has been there knows the value of the picture. There was no chance for a second opportunity as right after a policeman came over to tell me it wasn’t allowed to sit on those stairs.....and less without panties on I suppose!! Special thanks to my dear Greek friend that showed us around and who was so lucky to be present during our "sightseeing" in Athens. Love, Denise

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Hello everybody! Today I have something very interesting to tell you. Guess what?.....Just have a look at the pics underneath and you can see me and Angel advertising for our great BI Bar Disco in Slovakia, which will be opened already next month. After doing all those HOT things and breakfasts together, this great idea came up, and I am so proud to see us above the entrance. The actual sizes are 4.5 mtr x 1.5 mtr. (And we will be lightened every day hihihi.) So herewith I officialy invite all people of nudist/nudistto come and see our first BI-Bar in Slovakia. Sure we will have something very very special in mind for the opening next month. Maybe we will share it with you here. Sure it will be one of the HOTTEST places in Slovakia this year. Wish you all a Devilish Good Day, full of adrenaline, exitement and HOT steamy erotic moments! Thanks again for all your great support and sweet comments. Meet you again at the BB Board. DEVIL.

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