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1) There are people of all ages at Fantasy Fest, including some old and or fat people. During the week the crowd tends to be a little bit older. During the weekend more younger kids arrive which is good and bad. Bad because the younger girls bring their younger boyfriends with them, some of whom can't stay out of trouble once they have had a few Tequilas. The city anticipates the trouble, and there is a much higher police presence on the weekend. Some of the weekend cops tell the girls to cover up if they show too much, so there are more sexy girls on the weekend, but fewer pussy sightings. In any case, Fantasy Fest has plenty of young cuties, samples to be found below.

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Rose ? Daybreak At The Lake - The only way we figured we could take pictures at this popular location was to get there very early - which is neither Thorn's nor my most constructive time of day. Unfortunately we did not take into account those crazy fishing fanatics who were out on the water even earlier. Anyway after they had rowed a reasonable distance away and the water had settled, we quickly shot off these pictures. The lake looks calm, in fact I probably look calm, but my heart was pounding hoping that they were further enough away not to really see what we were doing. I was just getting dressed when an SVU came trundling down the road with another load of fishermen. Talk about nice timing! *LOL* This reminds me of the adage that the early bird does indeed catch ..... well, in this case the early bird could have caught way too much!

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