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First Timer I've always been very shy, especially around cameras, that is until quite recently, something happened and now I just can't get enough! I wear clothes so you can see my nipples and it turns me on knowing as I walk innocently down the street, men are looking at me and can see them peeking through a tight white top! I flash them all the time, haven't got many piccy's of that, yet, but wait and see! Well, a friend recomended voy-zone and wow, what can I say, I've spent hours of fun here and now it's time to give something back. I hope you enjoy these as much I enjoy yours! Photo Comments: pic: can you see my nipples? - one of my favourite tops to wear out, if it gets cold, it shows! pic: I love my boobs - I took this one myself, they look great from this angle, a sneaky peek of my pussy too! pic:bum in bubbles - my Mini tatoo above my little ass pic: boobs in bubbles - showing off my assets again, but where's my hand going? pic: private - I'm getting quite horny thinking of you looking at my piccy's Hope this is OK guys, look forward to seeing them on line

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Greetings Kate, Sailor and the whole voy-zone crew! This is part two of the Birthday Suit series. We would like to thank everyone for all of their excellent comments. It was Angelika's birthday this past week so we decided to put together a couple of series for Private Shots and for Freestyle. These shots chronicle some of our photo highlights over the last 6 years that we have been together. A lot has happened in these years, from falling in love, having fun, partying, going on adventures, having a beautiful baby, adjusting to parenthood, and finally chasing our dreams and making art together. The best is yet to come. Some of these shots were posted a few years ago when we were regular contributors at naturist, but most have not been seen before. We used to post under a different name...can anyone guess which one? Thanks again...enjoy. CzechMate and Angelika

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