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As promised, here is the vid to accompany the nudistpics. Now that we're taking vids/pics in tandem this way, hubby needs a bounce flash and some professional lights to avoid the flash altogether. So don't complain about that unless you want to send us a check! Otherwise, this was a fun session and is a video record of my first day of self-employment. That's right, I now work for myself FULL TIME... how do you earn YOUR keep? Remember, we don't care for your negative comments - we already know we're not twenty-something perfect, so just rub it and shut up, meanies! For the perverts, leave your email if you want to hide your sausage inside me!

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Hello Kate, It's great to be back. I was very pleased to see my 'South of France 5' series win best NIP contri back in January. The prize money went along way in helping me buy my new digital camcorder, and I thought the best way of saying thanks to all of you was to post this great series. Last Thursday I took a trip to the south, not France...England, which in reality is a bit of nightmare for the candid plage photographer, but I thought I would get back in 'training' for my trip to France this August. When I saw this girl with amazing breasts I knew it was worth it, and even better, her friend was just as nice (you'll see her in the second part of this series) I thought I had been busted when I heard one of the girls shout at the top of her voice 'OH MY GOD! SOME PERVERT IS FILMING US'. When I looked up I saw this other guy filming them and needless to say, he didn't hang around for long. I then made my move onto the playa for some frontal shots. By this time a few people had already seen what I was up to and my heart was racing. But I was definitely not going to leave until I had my pictures...Sometimes I think I should take up a more relaxing hobby. Enjoy.

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