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Hey Red Clouders. Ducati Hottie has this great shade of RED LIPSTICK and, being the ever vigilant sex pot that she is, noticed that there was a new contest in nudistthat it would be perfect for. Well, needless to say I was a VERY willing participant in this endeavor. She has the most incredible mouth I could ever imagine so I had to get busy with camera. The results - a great contri, a very happy Ducati Rider and a VERY wet Ducati Hottie. As soon as I send this I will have to return the favor (lucky me). The final shot is in the sexy smile contest on 2-6-02, Ducati Hottie Smilin' 10. We hope you enjoy and if you keep voting and leaving nice messages we will keep them cumming! Ride HARD!

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Greetings darlings, it's Helen here again. Now I know many people don't like tattoos on girls, and that's cool - but I DO have tattoos, lots of them, so if that offends you then don't look! Simple! Don't look, then complain about what you saw when I told you not to bloody look! For crying out loud.... :-) This is porn afterall, not a kiddie after school special so grow a pair and go find a gal who has what you need instead of bitching & moaning at me cuz I have more tattoos than you like to see - boo hoo, I don't care! I'ts a big, varied world of porn out there with something for everyone!

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