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Hi Kate and crew My name is Allison. I am a long time viewer and this is my 2nd contribution. The first was to warm for the public site. Sorry. Here are some shots for your close-up nipples contest. My husband loves my nipples. We have our own free website to show these off. You can put my e-mail address on it as well if you want it is I am sending this using a friends... about the contri.... I am 32yo bi wife. My husband finds my nipples incredibly sexy. When we saw the contest we just had to enter. These were taken with a Sony handycam over a couple of nights. I hope you like what you see. Nice comments could get you more.... Kisses

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Hey! to all the ladies and men that leave nice receive them is what submitting contris is about and I appreciate it when people are supportive. The rest...whatever! For most bashers, I'm sure you're having a good time doing what you like best, so I'm glad I can provide some outlet for your "hobby". For a are some scary people. These shots are admittedly somewhat lame, but have been busy moving into a new house and haven't had much time to put together something more interesting. For anyone who is curious...I am straight and have a girlfriend, live in California, and am over 30 and less than 50.

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