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These photos were taken midday in the beginning of a California summer. Needless to say that things got a little hot inside my room with these leather pants on. With all the sliding back and forth in these tight pants, my "you know what" started getting really moist and wet, so I couldnt wait to get out of them as soon as possible. I love the hot weather, especially the suffocating heat. Something about two sweaty bodies going at it drives me crazy. The hot love scene in the movie Body Heat with Kathleen Turner always comes to mind when I think about being nasty in the muggy heat. Needless to say, after the shoot, I took care of myself, and no it wasnt quite like Body Heat, but it ran a close second. xoxoxoxoxoox

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Hi there voyeur club!!! I'm Kat. I'm 31 yrs old, intense burgandy hair(temp dye lol), 5'5-6",118lbs,37-25-36 approx. I'm single and currently just casually dating. I like anything outdoors but I'm not crazy over cold damp weather, even though I live in southern Ontario Canada! I also love animals of all kinds, but as you can guess, cats, and big cats are a fav! I have 1 dog, australian blue heeler, and 5 cats total (2 older, one young mom, and 2 of her kittens which are 3 months old now) I'm not sure which pics I should send in here and which to put in for voy-zone, so I'll send ten here and then apply for voy-zone also. Thanks for your consideration to post my pics up. I know you must get alot of people coming through your site and wanting to post. Hugs and Licks,

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