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Kate and Gang: Hello again, I can't stop myself. We took these around town one night after martini's. You know what they say, one is not enough and two is too many. Well, I had three that night and felt very horny. Alot of people on the street saw what I was doing but I didn't care. I really get excited over the comments, especially ones from the ladies, but still like to hear from the guys. Hope Brite likes this one too, 'cause I like hers. I bet we would have fun together. As usual, PLEASE blur my face, due to my profession. I know I can count on you guys to do that for me. Hope to see these soon, so I can get excited and take more. Let me know what you think, and don't forget to BLUR. Title these Dr. Pam Wannabe strikes again. LOL,

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Samantha: Back Seat Queen - So I totally hooked up with the fireman that I went out with that one time. It was a great night and I have to say I would be totally happy with the guy if it wasn?t for one teensy little problem. The next morning after we hooked up he started talking to me about how he wants to get married and that I would make the perfect wife! WTF?!?!? Whoa there buddy, just because I finally put out doesn?t mean you get to start thinking about putting a ring on my finger! I am having way to much fun being single now to even get a boyfriend, much less a husband. So that really freaked me out, he totally won?t stop calling me either! Still, it is nice to know I still got it! Ok, so I have been reading the comments you all have been leaving and I happened to put something together that I hope you guys will like. I know how everyone on this site likes the ?exposed in public? type pictures, and a lot of you have asked for some new ones of me, so hopefully you guys will enjoy these!

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