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*Is Devil Sex With Kate 2 Hi again, Welcome at part 2 of my Sex With Kate. Many of you liked my Denim short, so let's put it on for Kate too. Sex on a roof really is a great experience! If you didn't try it sofar, I strongly recomment you to give it a try. It's worth the adrenaline and it gives you a great free feeling. And besides this, it now is summertime so let's do more 'outdoor' anyway hihihi! In summer it's so easy to realise your fantasies because the weather helps too. I love that summer feeling, even if it's gonna rain someday, it's still great to have outdoor sex. Just imagine the soft warm rain falling on your body.....but now back to the Roof again. I really had so much fun doing this contri and so will have Kate I hope, looking at it. And let's see what other theme's he will bring up for the next months. Wish you all a great and devilish week and talk to you later again on the BB's. DEVIL

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