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Hi ya'll!! This it it. The end of a really long set, of a really long day!! Let's recap. We first were outside in the garden, then came inside for LOADS of fun. Hopped up on a bar, did myself with a couple different things...and I do mean different!! Then got handcuffed to a bar foot railing, got a few vibrarors put to me, then eaten out. When they let me up from there, I gave one of the photographers a BJ. Took a shower and am now towelling off. Now...that's a kick ass day!! And ya'll can see most of it from my site!! And guess what, I've just had another day like that one...only worse!! And we got it on video too! Get ready for more fun!!!

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It seems that there are a lot of voyeurs that want the "money shot" first and don't appreciate teasing and the fine art of seduction. Here's the next set of pictures and I hope they're met with less of the "this is a nude site" or similar comments. If you're upset that you're not seeing the nudes yet, TOUGH SHIT! My husband was the luckiest man alive this night as he let me seduce him the way I new bride should. Personally, I believe all of the people who posted negative comments are just jealous that the only thing they have going for them is their right hands. Maybe, just maybe, I will complete the posting someday...

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