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Gizel Just Wants To Have Fun - It really was a delightful, girly weekend, the kind I've been missing since I moved to this town. Okay, so I didn't have much time to prepare and the cupboards were frightfully empty, but a hurried clean-up Saturday morning and some creative shopping in the afternoon did the trick. Then the girl explosion... straighteners, clothing, makeup and hair products everywhere, tee hee. It was such fun getting ready for a night on the town. Even though the bar was a wee bit dead, the prettiest boy did ask me to slow dance. Just like in high school, except this time the boy actually DID ask me to dance, instead of me just imagining it. The whole bar thing is much easier to take when you're not worried about whether you're going to pick up. :o)

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Pt.1 Hey there guys and gals! I was out at my favorite movie store and hubby decided to bring the cam to take some pics for all of you!! This is part 1 of a 2 part set!! The second part should be up tommorow or the next day!! Please let me know if you want me to CUM back to this place and do some more pics!!! Hugs And Kisses' Couture! User Comments: 0311.jpg pic 1: Ahh at my favorite store! 0329.jpg pic 2: Do you like my shoes? 0312.jpg pic 3: What to watch tonight?? 0328.jpg pic 4: The sign by my left cheek says it all!! 0325.jpg pic 5: Have not seen this one yet! 0314.jpg pic 6: Startin to feel naughty!! 0313.jpg pic 7: The store owner can see me now! 0322.jpg pic 8: The amature section!! Hey I can do that too!! 0318.jpg pic 9: How can I help you? ( would you like me to service, I mean serve you?) 0319.jpg pic 10: There were 3 other guys in the store, but they were trying not to stare! I did not mind, I hope they got an eyefull and enjoyed the show!! I know I enjoyed showing!! Keep an eye out for part 2! And let me know if you want me to Cum back here and do some more pics!!

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