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Hello everyone! Well, here's something different. We had all these extra long twisties leftover from a packaged shelving system. SO, my husband thought it would be wild to make "Twisted" lingerie out of them. I think it looks REALLY cool - I loved adding the "twisted" wild makeup to create the theme. Hopefully you've seen some of the tame ones in Private Shots? In these nudistsets, I get VERY creative & "twisted" with dual action candles, cucumbers and toys. The first 2 sets are me getting warmed up, then cums the 2 candle fun, then 2 cucumbers, then a huge dildo and my favorite anal plug. I had over a dozen orgasms doing this entire series! Have a great July! I am in Kansas City - Lustfully!!!! Kisses . . . P.S. THANKS voy-zone Crew for posting me FRONT PAGE on June 9 - I LOVED THAT!!!!!!! VERY ENCOURAGING!

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