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HI there voy-zoneers. I hope you like these new pics and my new website. Please bare with me as the site develops and the pics get better. If you haven;t seen the site yet go check out the free preview. I really like having a website it just takes time to perfect. Also I apperciate your sweet comments and suggestions. They make me want to take more pics and make the site even hotter. Have fun looking at this is an illusion... is it a mini skirt or a tube top....well it is meant to be a tube top but I like it best as a about a true mini skirt, bending over is not an option. But it is naughty.........just the way I like it! XOXO . Sapphire

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Hi it's Tracy again. I just got my second new toy! It's a Gerbil!! It reminds me of my very first "Toy", with the exception that this has many more options and is much more flexible. As you can see by the pictures it looks like a gerbil, which is kind of scary, since I have heard you can do some strange things with gerbils. Any way he does a good job. It took me about 20 minutes to get off. It has a hi-hi, hi-low, and a low-low. He rotates round and round. He found my G spot!, which put me in the mood. Other than that it didn't do much else. I would have chosen a different color for it, but I guess since it is suppose to be a gerbil, brown is the appropriate color. Over all it I would give it a 7 out of 10. I like a lot of little extra gadgets, you could say I'm spoiled. That's my report, hope you like the pictures. Love,

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