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Hello, guys. Wow! The folks on the bulletin board are great! I just do not have time to answer each of you but I do try to get to as many as I can. To all you wonderful people that are so kind and take the time to let me know they appreciate my pics...I just can not thank you enough. Now, for you jerks that seem to think you know what should and should not be in RC..obviously you are not in charge. How sad you have nothing to do but waste your time in this manner. This site is for everyone..all different tastes..all different styles..if you don't like something don't look...ignore it...just the way everyone should do your uncouth ( and ususally misspelled) comments. Keep the pics coming ladies and ignore the jerks. Sorry for being so windy, but I had not contributed in a while and was unprepared for the way these jerks are allowed to dominate the BB. Anyway, that is out of my system...some of you misunderstood the comments on my last contri. I meant it was the end if THOSE pics. I enjoy this too much to stop. THese pics are of a hard day in the kitchen. Just work, work, work. Then he had the nerve to complain because lunch was late and there was a hair in his soup..Sheeesh. See ya,

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I sent a contri in last week, but it was deemed to hot for private shots and went into voy-zone, so I decided to try again. I was asked at The Chat Room to do a kilt set so here it is. Don't be disparaging about guys in kilts. We don't wear them all the time - just special occassions and to support Scottish football or rugby teams. Women love it . It seems to be a women's prerogative to go to extreme lengths to find out if a guy is a 'True Scotsman' or not. The kilted guy can just tell the answer, but that is too easy. He can also flash whats under it if he likes. The best way is to be a bit coy and tell the girl she'll have to find out for herself, which, depending on the amount of alcohol involved - can get interesting. So girls, next time you see a man in a kilt - you'll know he really wants you to ask, 'Are ye a True Scotsman' I'd be delighted to get some constructive comments on possibilities for the next contri, assuming the replys are going to be favourable. Thanks voy-zone. pdnpem

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