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Logan'S Lovely Lady Lumps (Lol) - Why are people so obsessed with the way they look? Seriously...I know girls who put on their make up just to get their mail! On Tuesday when I receive the weekly grocery store ads there are several ads in the circular for breast augmentation, laser surgery, and teeth whitening....What's up with that, women looking for deals on lunch meat are also looking to remove wrinkles from their forehead....What's next? Bums me out...I think that everyone needs to relax the expectations a little. I know my boobs are small...I'm tiny...I hate my teeth....sometimes I feel weird about it all but whatever. I'm me. I know I look nothing like a real model or not nearly as hot as some of the other women on this site, but I don't let that stop me. I have my own site and I have fun posing for pictures (though I like being behind the camera more and more...but thats another story). Some people hate on me but it seems like at least some of you like me for what I am....least it seems that way. Thank you for that!

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Jade Good Day - Hi everyone! Yep, I was definately having a good day during this shoot. Don't ya just love it when things work out?? We're finally out of the opressive heat phase, kinda back to normal. For a while there it was almost to hot to go to the damn pool!! I've been busy this month on the inside anyway. I'm in the middle of a huge August update. So far, 9 new pic sets of me and the girls, and a FREE 10 minute movie of my newest sweety Sammy. Look on the Preview Page for that. She strips and tells about how she lost her virginity. And it wasn't by me either!! Damn-it! Hit the link on top to check it out. Anyway, hope you enjoy this new set of pictures, keep the cards and letters comming! Jade.

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