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I never used to believe anyone who told me that time flies by at a faster pace as you get older. Since I've been at University, I've started to accept it as fact! I had gotten a lot of emails through my site with useful photography tips, and there have been some excellent pointers in the feedback section here as well. Quite a few people had also mentioned that the photos I took in the bathroom last year were some of their favorites. I couldn't believe it had been a year already, and since I obsess about my body shape and weight, I forced my flatmate to take some new photos in the same setting so I could compare my growth and progress with my fitness routine. Looking at them, I am pleasantly surprised that I have lost some of my baby fat and am actually starting to look more womanly. Who would've thought that I'd only be a few years behind the curve? I felt very left out earlier in my teens, and I was certainly a late bloomer! Maybe that's why I can be so boy crazy and frustrated with it all sometimes (especially the boy I was seeing who I did all those videos with up on my site). Up until awhile back, I just sort of assumed guys weren't interested in me. A big thanks to Kate for this forum, and all of you, of course for helping my somewhat fragile self-esteem ease into the idea that I might've been wrong. LOL

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Darling And Richard Play From Parking Lot To R - Taking up where we left off in Exhibitionist Photos, Darling?s faithful fans will recall that we met Richard through the naturist Exhibitionists thread. His nic is seethrulover because he really has a thing for observing and helping gals show off in public. As fans have seen in some of the pics from our time with him he is VERY charming and persuasive. He had Darling?s boobs in his hands and nipples in his mouth within minutes of our meeting at his hotel. Then off we went to the restaurant where he continued to keep up the play but I was ready to get back to the hotel where inhibitions, and other things, can let go. Here?s what happened.

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