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More 2011 Fantasy Fest. I hope you enjoy.

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Photos from a recent vacation.


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Just some fun for the New Year

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I must say to IWUDLUVTOO and ROYORB5208 that,

Hope these pics will redeem her...

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More eye candy from NAP 2008...

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this is the biggest cock yet. do you agree?

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Taken on a recent trip abroad to Asia.

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This summer on a crowded playa in Portugal.

Small collection of our photos

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this is a posting of more of the pics from our vacation. For those with the negative comments look elswhere as it means she wont take anymore(go to gym comment)for those of you with the nice comments thank you. I am posting some of the other ones to hopefully let her know she is hot and to thank those with the nice comments. It does come with a price as I am not in the others so had to be fair(sorry guys maybe the girls will enjoy) I am working on the photography side for better quality and as it warms up maybe if I can change her mind we will take more. the cruise was great and we want to do it again we had fun and will work on the more nudiststuff to post

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Hi!! Here you are!! Nervous isn't correct after our post in June. THANK you for your nice comments. At least most of them. Hubby was happy reading them. But not surpised he said. I didn't imagine a 56 yo woman could thrill males or females of all ages. But I love it!!! Here are a few more pics. If you find mature women sexy, have a look (or whatever) and leave a comment. Otherwise stop and find some teens elsewhere Especially curious about other mature womens comments and/or their experiences after posting. For us it has been thrilling. My posing has got a new dimension knowing we are going to publish our pics. We hope you will enjoy …..

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