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Hey guys. My last contribution I sent in from my sun drenched yard got such a good response I decided to do it again and get some different angles that I missed last time. I'm submitting these in voy-zone and voy-zone, and I also have a video in Homeclips taken at the same time if you are able to view those I invite you to do so. Or you can go to my website view my free message board. Did I say free? Yes free, won't cost you a dime to sign up and see more pictures and interact with me. There you can read more about me and view my new blog I call "Sex files". My blog is really just getting started so keep tuned for more entries, it is a diary of sorts on my sexual adventures both good and bad, so it comes from my heart, and hmm somewhere else too, LOL. So I hope you'll check out my message board and sign up and leave me a message, I love hearing from my fans. You know I'm looking for a new female playmate, if any sensuous attractive girls are interested in the Northern KY area drop me a line we might becum friends. Oh and by the way I want to hear from the girl, not some boyfriend who says his girl is interested, I see right through that! If your girl is interested let me hear from her! Gotta go now, kisses and slurps to all you guys and girls.

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We were on our 31 Anniversary in Mexico 1 year ago. I decided to take a chance and get out the cam corder when she got out of the shower. She had never posed for anything like this before and I was Stunned when she asked me what I wanted. She does not feel she is attractive and does not like her body. At 52 I think she still looks great. As you can tell by the last pic. I think she was enjoying it. I could hardly finish the pics and had to take care of business. My apologies for the poor quality and the face blur. Please be kind, vote and love to here your comments. Men and women. If they are good I will show her and try to convince her to post more. Happy Holidays

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