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Dear voy-zone: Here's Pearl at the playa. The first 3 photos are from a trip to the ocean two years ago (do you like her longer hair back then?). The last 7 photos were taken last summer at the lake. For those of you looking for all the naked parts of her anatomy (and I know some of you are going to complain because you're not going to see what you want in this contri), please visit Pearl's earlier contributions: "Pearl" (#PS38946 posted August 18), "Wife Lounging Around" (#PS39955 posted September 4), and "Panties on Parade" (#PS41069 posted September 27), which pretty much show you guys everything. For the rest of you who just appreciate the uncommon grace of an authentic beauty in a natural setting, we hope you enjoy these gentle photos of a fantastically fit, fun, and frisky 50 year old mother of three. God bless.

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Hello Kate & Crew and of course all of you wonderful viewers out there! :) We were out for the day shopping and having a naughty time! Hehe. I have never taken so many pics out in in stores and stuff. First time for everything I suppose! I loved it!! It was a rainy day..and nothing like heading to the mall for a little indoor shopping when its nasty out..and to add a camera to the whole thing. Just speaks for itself! :) Sorry about the quality on some of them..never know exactly how they will turn out when youre around so many different lights! Well! Just enjoy,please! I can assure you we did! :) Take care all.. Big Kisssses Michele

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