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Hi ! guys here's a few pics from a video I did one saturday. 5 guys were wanting to hook up with me that day but I couldn't seem to get them all to come at the same time so I got a hotel room and just let them stop by what ever time they could be there. Ohh! the 6th guy was just some guy driving by my window while I was flashing . I opened the window and invited him in for a BJ. as it turned out he recognized me from here and is one of my fans. I don't remember your name but I'm sure your here somewhere waiting to see the pics. If your here tell everyone what a good little cock sucker I am inthe comment section. If you want to see the whole video Just click on the link to my site or if you want to get in touch with me get on the free message boards at my site and thats where you'll find me. I got 3 of the same guys together the next weekend for a gang bang . I'll be posting those pics soon.

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Hello everyone! Well, here's something different. We had all these extra long twisties leftover from a packaged shelving system. SO, my husband thought it would be wild to make "Twisted" lingerie out of them. I think it looks REALLY cool - I loved adding the "twisted" wild makeup to create the theme. Therewill be3 sets of these pics here in Private Shots, and then numerous explicit sets in Red Clouds. In those nudistsets, I get VERY creative & twisted with dual action candles, cucumbers and toys. Have a great July! Lustfully!!!! Kisses . . . P.S. THANKS voy-zone Crew for posting me FRONT PAGE on June 9 - I LOVED THAT!!!!!!! VERY ENCOURAGING!

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