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Thought I'd share. Came home from the bar a few months ago to find my roommate passed out on the couch. Was going to go to bed, so I went to his room to shut off the lights - I found his girlfriend on his bed, passed out too, as you can see (I think she's 21 or 22 - I've only met her a fw times). I figured this was a one-in-a lifetime chance so I grabbed my camera. She didn't wake up, so I got braver. Got too brave, though, with the second last pic, she mumbled and rolled over, which is when I got the last pic and took off! My only regret is that I still don't know what her tits look like. That and the fact that I REALLY want to fuck her now every time I see her.

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Sexy Suz' New Website Pics - Hey Everyone! Ok, Ok, you talked me into it! I've finally decided to start my own website. I just got set up right here on Pro-Adult, affiliated with voy-zone and Kate. So, as the old saying goes, "You Asked For it, You Got it." Just to give you an idea of what's on my site, here are some random shots from my previous posts here on voy-zone through the years. I think the #1 most requested picture set was my wild sex on the Catamaran Boat back a few years ago in Jamaica. They are all on my site but I've reposted a few here for you. I hope you enjoy and when you get a chance, check out my site. Love and Kisses, Sexy Suz

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