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I first started talking to Sydney online over a year ago, but it wasn't until last week that we finally met up in person. I thought she was pretty cool the first night I messaged her through AIM, and she lived nearby so I thought it was worth pursuing. She seemed really open talking about sex, and she was flirting pretty heavily online. She even suggested phonesex (she is really into being talked dirty to), but then she was flakey about meeting up. I figured she might be intimidated about actually being as dirty and wild as she came off online and on the phone, or from the pics I showed her that I'd taken here and on my website. I gave her a hard time about being all talk and a tease, and I thought I'd offended her because I didn't see her online for awhile. She re-appeared and IM'd me last week. It must've been the right night, because within 30 minutes she was on her way over. The funny thing is that after all that time I couldn't remember her first name though. I feared I'd offend her by asking when we were going at it, and it made it really hot not knowing, actually. I asked afterwards and she seemed kind of pissed, but laughed it off. Everything must've been okay though because I've seen her twice since then and we've been taking a lot of pictures together. It just goes to show that you should never burn any bridges with girls you meet online, you never know when you're going to catch them in the right mood where they're up for anything.

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Hi nudistebbers, I'm Monnie [short for Monique]. Last summer a friend and I discovered the naturist. We joked around about how we'd do if we posted photos on this site. We found a nice little secluded spot not far from the apartment we share [we're both college students] and thought it would make a great setting for some pics! I lost the flip of the coin and have to post my pics first- hers will follow soon. Oh BTW, the haircut was something I did on a dare, letting it grow out now. I'll be sure to take more pics when my hair finishes growing out, lol ! Hope you like these, my friend and I can't wait to lay in bed reading all the comments. Remember, be NICE- I'm new to all this !

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