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In the comments on my last submission, someone posted one of my favorite quotations from a movie: "It can't rain all the time." That is a philosophy I've tried to apply many times when I've felt down, and it can feel a bit more centered that my eternal optimism, which sometimes displays my naivete. What can I say? You can take a girl out of the suburbs, but you can't always shake that overly-protective, sheltered and safe upbringing off the girl! LOL. I have decided to take some control in my guy situation and back off for awhile though. Worst case scenario is that if I miss him I can just watch some of those videos we took on my site. LOL. He is just lucky I felt so comfortable to do some of that stuff with him and let him have me in so many ways. My flatmate suggested I send in these photos that I had set aside to surprise him with on his birthday as well. As she put it, he currently does not deserve them and it breaks some of his spell on me! Alas, I was ready to use them as a means to introduce him to some my fantasies about sex in a skirt, but he is just not worthy at this time. LOL. My flatmate likes to tease me about how she knows what I'm doing when I lock myself in my room first thing when I return home on any day I am wearing a skirt or dress. What can I say? The upside to being such a dork sometimes is that it doesn't take much to turn us sheltered types on! :)

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