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She just turned 63 and I think she still has what it takes to get a mans attention. If you don't like older, mature women then maybe you need to skip this contri. We spent a few days at the playa and after a day of sunning, she decided she wanted to do a new contri. Who was I to argue? I grabbed the camera and started shooting. Some shots are a little blurred but I was using a new camera and wasn't familiar with it. I think after you see her, you will also agree that she is still a beautiful, sexy woman. She has the sex drive of a 20 year old. Please keep your comments civil and don't forget to vote.

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I was excited that it stopped snowing, but was rather unhappy to see we're being hit with a healthy dose of April Showers. Thankfully, it has warmed up a bit lately, so I tried to match the climate by going to class in this mishmatched outfit. When I returned, my flatmate near insisted we snap some shots in it since she found it so profoundly amusing. What can I say? I like wash away the gloomy feelings with inspired color combinations! The rain has been keeping me in doors a lot, and I've been exchanging a fair share of emails when I should be doing my homework (especially now that University is almost coming to year's end). I have appreciated the kind words left in the comments and many of the emails sent to me through my website, and I am making a real effort to put all of this indoor time towards taking more photos and filling requests. Although I think I shocked the boy I was seeing last year (the one I am with in those videos on my website). I forwarded him some of the suggestions when we were talking online the other day, and he was floored by how wild some of themare! He joked that you're all trying to corrupt me, but gave me a harder time because I seem so open to the idea! :)

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