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*Wt Elektra And Lory In Gen?Ve Part 2 - Hi fans, Yours Elektra from France is Back. This time in Gen?ve where I meet my friend Lory. We have a good time in Gen?ve, where we do much NIP pics, somes in the streets and at the Lake Parade last week-end. Enjoy, more coming soon from your french exhibitionist girls, and in voy-zone for your eyes only. Kiss. Hello les fans. Voici ma nouvelle contribution en direct de Geneve ou j'ai rencontre ma tres bonne copine Lory. Nous avons beaucoup delire, et bien sur nous avons fait plein de photos rien que pour vos yeux et pour ceux du public present. D'autres images suivront de vos deux fran?aises delurees, et meme dans voy-zone ou ?a va etre chaud...Gros bisous de France. Elektra et Lory.

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The attached pictures are of a friend of mine who's a heavy equipment operator. The dump truck she normally drives was in the shop during lunch hour when I snapped these black and whites. She had the cutest cutoffcoveralls and I told her I'd like to take a few pictures. After shooting the first picture, I told her it was a hot dayandencouraged her to remove the t-shirt She not only did that, she took hersports bra off, too. I shot a couple with just the coveralls. When Iclimbed up on the hood of the truck,she unfastened the coverall top, put her sports bra on the mirror, and laughed. Hope you like these.

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