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Badkitty'S New Clothes - Hi everybody, The other day I went shopping and bought some new clothes. When I got home I just had to model them for D, he pulled out the camera so all of you would get to see it too. As you will see I only got through one outfit untill I got so hory that I had to find my favorite toy and have some fun. Oh well, I think you will enjoy the results as much as I did. Please keep sending me your great comments, I love hearing from all you guys and sexy ladies out there. I also have a free message board at my website that you can link to in the upper right hand corner. Love and Kisses, BadKitty

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ok...this is my ex from about 3 years night we went to a hotel for some fun and, out of the blue, she pulled a camera out and told me that i could take some pictures of her. now, if you knew her, you would know that she is not like that at ALL!! i guess i just got lucky that night. she's 22 now so that would make her 19, a freshman in college in these pictures. she would kill me if she knew i did this, but if i show her some pictures of others (men and/or women) satisfying themselves to and/or on her pictures, i might be able to convince her to take some more, or i'll get a good swift smack in the face or two. oh, and i have plenty more from that night, so if i get good feedback and votes i'll post some more.

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