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Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Sailor and Crew! Shane and I had gone to our local home and garden store one afternoon to buy our tomato plants to put in our garden. hehe.. yes, we have a garden. While there I spotted this metal tub. I went back a few weeks later and bought it. When I brought it home, Shane asked what are your plans with that. I smiled and gave him a evil grin.. A few days later we were working in the yard. I asked him if he minded helping me set up something. So, I went and got the metal tub, a towel and the camera. I think that he knew where I was going with this. We filled the tub up with water, Well water at that... thank goodness it was rather warm out. The entire time I had to fight off the mosquitoes!!! lol In a few of the pictures you can even see one on my back. "ouch" hehe.... I have enclosed a few pics that are Borderline... So if there are not 10 pictures, they didn't make it. I hope that you all enjoy!!! xxoo,

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I was waiting to send in these photos from the last time I saw Jax, because I wanted to make sure she was cool with them. It's funny, because when we first started talking online, she told me that she has heard from guys that she looks better with a cock in her mouth. That comment blew me away, and I was rather excited to see what she meant in person. She practically attacked me when we last got together, and she seemed determined to show me (I love how open she is with her sexual deviance). After I sent her some of the pics and the video I took for my site, she told me that she totally agrees that she looks good during. She does profess to love giving head, so her intense look makes sense. It's good to have a hobby, right?

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