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Went to a restaraunt that night with my good friend kev. This perticular restaurant served free wine allnight. got a little bit too tipsy and was feeling good. It was a nice night with great company. We decided to go to Central Park, we knew what we were going to do there. I was a little bit hesitant to go nude in a public area especially Central Park, but I thought "hey you only live once." I looked around saw that no one was around but him and I and I went for it. I took my clothes off for the first time and I felt weird but free. As you can see in my pics I was having a good time. a few passer by's... more to come if you enjoy. Half wht/blk 35yrs young..

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Hi again to all our V W friends; As we said in our last contri, the resort that we stayed at did not allow any topless sunbathing, or topless anything else for that matter, at the resort except the sand. So, I just had to find a way to bend the rules. I put on my string bikini bottom, left my top in the room, and headed to the plage in my see-through cover-up. Here are a few shots going and coming to the plage, a couple at the plage and one where I had to sneak in a little flash in public. The last pic was taken by another guest at the hotel who volunteered to take a pic of the two of us. Hope you enjoy. I have another set where I got completely naked that will follow and an eip set in and around town.

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