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Can I begin to express how awesome my week has been? Forget that I aced two mid-terms, forget that I got a mix CD from my guy friend (the one in the video on my site with me). None of that matters nearly as much what I found at a thrift store the other day: red shoes! They were pretty close to my size and I got them for next to nothing. Something about red shoes makes me feel sexy in an elegant sort of way, which is a nice change of pace from the awkward sexiness I usually feel. My flatmate suggested I marry the red shoes (actually, she said if I loved them so much I should go off and hump them, but we won't go there), and instead I decided to live out a lifelong fantasy: being naked in just heels! Ya know, it's good I have a camera to document all this, for when I reach further down the spiral. LOL

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Third set... wanna know some STCL trivia? We gave up trying to actively setup group sex for the camera with couples a long time ago. BUT isn't it strange that you've seen me with so many couples? So how does this happen? It happens this way: they (usually hubby first, who leads wifey into a shared fantasy) see us on nudisthaving so much fun, they understand how to minimize risk, and then they simply write to us and ask to participate, once they've overcome their inhibitions and irrational fears. The rest takes care of itself. We've NEVER, not once, ever had trouble or 'caught a disease', despite what the hysterical media would lead you all to believe. It's just good, clean fun. So... go talk to your wives and then write to me. We'll make REAL perverts out of you! BOTH of you!

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