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Hello Kate and viewers. Thanks a lot for your comments last month. This time I decided to strip me with my new red slips. Please let me know how you like it! My boyfriend toke this shots with a new film (50 Asa), and the quality is better as you'll see. I felt much more comfotable than ever, in spite of the low temperature outside, it became pretty hot as we start take pictures... The real contry counts of 20 photos. Here the first 10. I'll send the rest in a few days. Take a special look at my shoose since my boyfriend wasn't sure about them. I insisted to wear 'em because some of you are mad about my golden sandals. A special kiss to Loreny from France. Kiss to all, wish you a great time watching ahead. Yours Elise from Italy. Grazie per i vs commenti, e mi scuso se non sono riuscita a rispondere a tutti. Mi sento molto in forma, ma lascio decidere a voi. Queste sono le prime 10 foto di 20 fatte. Abbiamo tenuto le più audaci per il secondo contributo. Aspetto i vostri calorosissimi messaggi, e lasciate l'e-mail, così che possa ripondervi...tempo permettendo. Un saluto e un bacio particolare a Beatrice carinissima, e a Roberta di NO. Un sacco di baci a tutti...maschietti e femminucce. Vostra

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Sydney and I have been talking online for over a year now, but we finally met up in person last week. The first night I messaged her through AIM, she seemed cool, plus she lived nearby. She seemed open and was flirting pretty heavily online, and after awhile she even suggested we have phonesex. She was flakey about meeting up though, which is always annoying. Maybe she was intimidated about the sex stuff we discussed, or by the pics I showed her that I'd taken here and on my website, but I figured she was all talk. Frustrated, I gave her some shit about being a tease. I thought I'd offended her, and didn't see her online for awhile. But then she re-appeared and IM'd me last week. I must've IM'd her on the right night, because within 30 minutes she was driving over here. The funny thing is that I couldn't remember her first name! I was afraid I'd offend her by asking when we were going at it, so I waited until afterwards. She seemed kind of pissed, but laughed it off. Everything else must've been okay though because I've seen her twice since then and we've been taking a lot of pictures together. And because I told her I would, let me state for the record that Syndey is definitely NOT all talk!

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