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Talk about the biggest TEASE yet, I got my man GOOD! Not only did I surprise him with my 1st contri, his eyes literally popped out when he saw my "Tease Debut" featured on the main page. Yeah, that even made me SMILE! Not only was it waaaaaaaay flattering, it meant the dare we've been throwing around for years was officially ON! :-) So here's my playful guy stepping up to the challenge, as I knew he would! These are just some of the many pics he's sent to tease and tantalize me at work, always accompanying them with juicy thoughts and temptations, revving me up for the evening to come! After all these years, he's still the love of my life, keeping life fun, alive and always full of adventure. I hope you ladies enjoy and appreciate him has much as I do!!! If you'd like to see the dare that started this all, you can find it in Private Shots, December 4, "First Time." Enjoy and thanks to all who left such kind and wonderful comments. We're truly enjoying this new adventure and our newly found friends!

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I'd like to introduce a new Boe's Babe. I have just put up a new site within the Boe's Babes group about my girlfriend,Melissa. It cranks me up seeing her gettin' it on with other guys or gals and I've taken lots of pics of her with different people lately. Melissa is pals with Nympho Nelli and she talked us into putting the pics up on a site for everybody to see. (This after a night we spent with her - more pics I'll have to show you later...hehehe)Boe was agreeable, the site is up and running, and we'll even be adding vid clips soon. Check us out. But for now, here's the first contri for My Melissa.

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