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Francesca mi chiamo roberto. ho fatto una scommessa con un amico riguardo a chi riusciva pe rima a corteggiare e a fare qualcosa con la ragazza altrui e fare anche delle foto. a insaputa delle ragazze. chi perdeva doveva invece mettere qui le foto . apparte che io ero convinto della mia ragazza che era seria. ma poi pensavo ad una pomiciata. invece..lui ha fatto altro....... ho perso pago pegno. ps spero che le foto qui durino poco e scompaiano subito. comunque sempre x la scommessa dichiaro ke... lei si chiama Francesca, 20 anni, lavora ad un negozio abigliamento in citta. misure 85.60,87.. stiamo insieme da 3 ann

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Hello All, It has been a while since I last posted and missed not posting for all of you who email me asking to post again. I wanted to try something new and had been asking on the naturist BB Photographers section for someone who would like to take some nude pictures of me. I had been contacted by a fellow naturist member offering to take my pictures that turned out to be local. My husband and I went to his house and I posed. I was so very nervous, embarrassed and excited. When we got to his house he asked if I wanted to change in the bathroom and I said no and striped completely in front of him and my husband in his backyard. All I had to wear during the shoot was a very sheer wrap. Most of the time I was 100% nude, between shot setups. The setup was under a backyard open sided patio cover surrounded by houses that could clearly see me as it was evening and dark except for the lights pointing at me and the constant camera flashes. I know that anyone that came to see the flashes saw more than expected. I heard a backyard patio screen door open and close a lot. I posed for about 1 1/2 hours being in the spotlight nude and cold in front of this man and my husband. I felt really nude when my husband mentioned to the photographer that the cold weather makes her nipple really stand out, he said he noticed that too! OMG. Near the end of the shoot my husband had me pose on a folding chair backwards which made it impossible to sit like a lady but I thought I was safe as I placed the wrap between my legs. My husband kept moving my wrap to the side a little at time to show me off more. At the time I was not aware he was teasing the photographer. The photographer did say to me nice trim job. I was not sure what he was talking about. When we got done my husband told me what he had been doing as with the lights in my face I could not see my husband or the photographer. I could not pull my knees together as the chair was in the way. Lol Those could only be shown in voy-zone. I wanted to try this different style of photography and may even have a few printed out to hang up in my hallway, would love to what visitors would say. Lol I will be doing more outside during the day, in more public settings. Please leave your comments and email as I always try to respond as we are always looking for local photographers to take my pictures. I get very nervous being nude in front of others but it is a turn on for me and my husband and we read the comments together. I hope you like these as it was really hard getting nude after not doing it for some time. Thanks in advance, TM

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