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Bonjour aux p'tites francaises et p'tits francais, ainsi qu'au reste du monde… Nous avions passes quelques petites series sur voy-zone ces dernieres semaines... et une petite ici... Nous etions restes assez "sages", nous voila un peu plus "chauds"…. Nous posterons les series par deux….. Une de presentation avec un pot pourri en avant gout de ce qui viendra dans le futur, et la deuxieme sur un theme, comme la fellation, la jouissance... ou une serie exhib.... quelques belles photos en nature... etc.. Nous esperons que nos photos sauront vous "chauffer" un peu, et il n'est pas interdit de donner vos impressions! La Chatte et son Casse Croute… MIAOUOUOUOUOU!!!!!!

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Tigerlady (57) Waiting For Wilma - Thank you for all your lovely comments and votes on our last post. At 57 I am nervous of posting with all these lovely younger women. I hope you enjoy these too. We planned the holiday in the Carribean and Key West for months ahead, watched Rita and thought that that would be the last hurricane for the season, then along came Wilma right in the middle of our holiday. All our onward flights were cancelled, airports closed etc so we had to find something to do while waiting for Wilma to hit. Hurricanes are very frightening and we don't want anyone to think that we are making light of what happened in Wilma or the even bigger tragedy of Rita.

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