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After so many encouraging and worshipful comments, Ali's posted a "spread" on RC; and for all of you who didn't renew your memberships, she wanted to expose herself to you again in a less explicit fashion. She plays a little game when we're taking pictures, saying "oh, we're not going to put these on the internet are we? I feel so exposed, I don't want all those people staring at me..." and this is just before she looks right into the camera and opens her legs, knowing full well that she's left herself open to be the centre of voyeuristic attention. We took some more pictures this week so if you're nice to her, Ali might share them with you soon!

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These are various pics I found recently that I had taken of a women that I met in a bar a little over a year ago. Several of my friends and I were hanging out one night and she had been drinking pretty excessively. She indicated that her fairly new engineer/pilot husband was out of town and she wanted to have some fun. Well, we did but she didn't have alot of stamina. We all thought that she was quite unique (as you can tell yourself). I believe she mentioned that she was a real estate agent or something in one of the Mid-atlantic states (but who was listening). While we all had fun, I don't think I would want to see her again due to how strange she was. Sorry for the picture quality.....I had a bad digital at that time.

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