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Hello to all the horny nudisters!! This weekend I did nothing but watch both Championship football games on TV and I thought I would share with all of you fellow horn dogs how I watch the Raiders WIN!! ;) I know a lot of football fans hate the Raiders and @ one point I did too (I called them "Traitor Raiders") LOL! But....I got past the bitterness and anger of them leaving Los Angeles and swallowed my pride to cheer for them to win. Well, that's not the only thing I swallowed on Sunday.... ;) mmmm... Here's me with my lucky Rice jersey...I though the jersey was enough clothes to wear while watching the game. Oh yeah, I almost forgot....after each touchdown the Raiders scored, I licked BigD's smooth shaven balls & suck his cock *mmmm* (those pics will be posted in RC) It's a good way to have a non-Raider fan cheer for your team! LOL And of course, it worked like a charm and they won. GO RAIDERS!!!! Love, Lisa ;)

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You wouldn't believe it. On a day where we purposely ventured out to find a spot to flash, we find a spot for me to really relax. These were taken last spring time and it turned out to be a blast. White sand and a cool spring breeze. No one was around (except for one driver) and I was able to relaxwhile my man shot away (a lot). It may not look like a luxurious surrounding, but it was really quite, subtle, and I can hear nature at work; simply marvelous. Soon we will find a lovely spot where the setting will be floral and pleasant, but until then, I will always remember this one. Hope you enjoy this series as much as I did.Have to share, so I'll spread it out in time. :)

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