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Hi Kate, Jerry, crew and voy-zonebers! Thank you all for the great comments on my last contri! You guys are always the best. After a day of bouncing around Tahoe, taking pictures in the snow, I asked to go back to our room to warm up and change clothes before hitting the casinos for an evening of dinner and playing on the tables, then hitting the clubs and getting our party on! Well I got a little sidetracked and never quite made it into my jeans and sweater before the pictures got started. That just might have had something to do with sitting and watching porno's and getting hot and bothered all over again, instead of getting ready. Our room was awesome, a huge Jacuzzi and a great big bed surrounded by mirrors. It however did not work so well for pictures. All the mirrors showed the flashes and all our stuff on the other side of the room. I made the best of it and hid by the window instead. The people in the parking lot of the restaurant next door didn't seem to mind too much! *EG* Love Ya, Nikki ;)~

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Christina Crawling Out Of The Gutter The title of this weeks contri is based on the inspiration of naturist viewers, and the 100's of E-mails that I got from whom it concerns. Lol, I know, I do live in a crappy apartment, which explains the stains on the walls, and the disgusting carpet. Looks like something out of a homeles shelter right? I know, it's a little embaressing and all, and I really didn't expect people to care about that so much. The main focus is supposed to be me damnit! me! lol, j/k. Anyhow, if you're that concerned, I'm always looking for help finding a new place in the city, or ways of making "hard earned" cash. I would love to move out of here, and find a descent place. One that's not two thousand dollars a month for a single "small ass" bedroom! haha. I guess if you want to live in the city, you have to pay for it!

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