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Happy New Year Kate and Crew, Ý Ý Enclosed you will find six digital photographs for entry into your SEE-THROUGH contest. I also included two W F IÝ for you, Kate. Ý Anne would like to thank all of you for the great response you gave her, and making her one of the prize winners in the December round. She never won anything before, and couldn't believe her eyes, what a surprise to see ANNE 2 in big bold letters, It really made her day!! Thanks again. The outfit Anne is warring was purchased about five years ago, and it was never one of my favorites. So it sat all these years in her dresser waiting for an opportunity to shine. We tried many others, dresses, teddies, thongs and so on, but the outfit you are looking at really blew me away !!!!! I hope you agree, Kate. We really appreciate all comments left on the BB, but Anne was wondering about one in particular. It was a really warm message and the person had put a lot of thought into it. It spoke of the happiness that pictures of younger women brought him. He stated that he was over fifty and lived on the east coast of the United States. Now we know that our good friend BILL C. has been living a rather secluded life since he got caught, and Anne figured the VOYEUR WEB would be the perfect place for Bill to visit. With new contributions every day (EXCEPT SUNDAY) Mr. C. will have an endless supply of beautiful women's pictures to inspire him to new heights, Right Kate !!! And who knows, it could of been him, well probably not, but it was a thought !!! As I said before, we read all the comments left on the BB, and if the response is good we will send more. Ý Would you please label these shots ANNE N #3 S -T. Thanks to all,

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These are a few more shots from the fast-paced pics Tea and I took the weekend she had her house to herself for a weekend. Usually I like it when we take our time, and it can almost be like foreplay watching her get turned on as we progress. It was kind of scary since we knew we had a time limit and she seemed to thrive on it. Of course, I had suggested we have sex quickly, but she loves to be a tease and always leave me wanting more. Plus, she had been missing feedback here and on my site in the time we didn't see each other much, so she was rather insistent about taking these. Looking at them now, I love the panties she is wearing because yellow is a great color on her. Something about them almost looks innocent, which is far sexier on her than any thong or lingerie I've seen her wear.

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