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Gizel Knows - I've been working so much around the house that it's hard to find time for posting pics to all you voy-zone viewers. Something few know about me is that I am a home maintenance maven, thanks to my father teaching me various do-it-yourself projects when I was a young adult. He is the jedi master of home maintenance, and I was a padawan learner; he used to tell me, "I am teaching you this so that you don't ever have to depend on any man." I think his plan has worked too well because I've had to do all of the fix-it projects around my place because former boyfriends (and present one, too) have never known how to help. God bless their clueless little hearts.

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Wife On The Dock At Night - During a weekend at the lake, my wife and I made a late night trip down to the dock. It was pitch dark, except for a few lights in the distance from some other cabins and tents. My wife was very nervous about being seen, but she consented to a few nude photos anyway. As I snapped the photos and the flashes began to go off, I wondered if it would draw any attention from across the small lake. But I guess it was late enough that everyone was asleep or simply chose to remain quiet. (My shy wife would have freaked out if anyone had given any notice!) She is a wonderful woman (over 40) and I appreciate her for humoring me by letting me take these photos.

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