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*Ni Amel In The Park - Hello... I m back again in EIP section... First of all, I would like to thank all of you who voted for me last month... Thanks to you, my contrib finished on the third step of the August's podium... I m very happy about it, and, as you can imagine, my Lover as well..... Thanks a lot for that and all your nice comments. It was a wonderfull pleasure to read them.. To celebrate it, we have decided to prepare another contri... Last week end, we was in a very nice park, weather was hot, and I was liying on the grass... Despite some people around, I decided to offer a nice show to my boy friend... As usual, he got his camera.... I hope you will like as you enjoyed the previous one... I m already anxious to read your next comment, and to know if you enjoy it... Looking forward to read from you, Warm Kisses from .... Amel

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While the Black Sea boys bitchslap each other over photoshoop-shooped pussies and who forgot to pay the monthly modelling fees/paysite rent, here's something pretty unusual for the WIS section these days - REAL voyeur photographs. ============================== Unfinished project time, too as I throw in some agonizing highlighted shots of the Great White Whale; that woman will one day meet my ambition and be beautifully captured; until then I give you, gentlemen voyeurs, the appreciation of my field reconnaissance shots and her stunning natural form as yet clearly defined. Tantalise, tantalise, Jimmy the Hoover says. =========================== Delve in, dear voyeurs - you won't find playboy-perfect photography, paysite-ready, punter-fleecing. Or one who cares. What you'll find is honest, gritty reality, from the clothing-optional beaches to your bleeding eyes.================== Moving moving images can be found June 20 in the erotic clips section for lovers of the situational and, in particular, lesbian trysts. A classic original. ================== Remember, praise the pros, but save your votes for the amateurs and your hate for the Sandfly. ==================== Dear FUQ, my admin stalker with the downvoting inclination and the bitterest porcine resentment of all Sandfly vernacular: I shall not mention you again save for this warning to all who have recognised your Sandfly obsession - beware those in positions of confidence who ooze duplicity and have access to your personal/financial details, gentlemen; you never know who you can mistrust. ================= Sandfly, but for how long? I was, I saw, I awe.

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