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Thank you to everyone who had nice comments about my wifes first exposure to naturist. As she told you before I like to take alot of pics of her. Like most girls a little shy at first, then watch out! We have always done alot of outside shoots, and Kat loves lingerie. We also have alot of neighbors....which at first made it difficult. But lately Kat has been posing alot outside, and especially when the neighbors seem to be about...she won't admit it, she pretends to hide her body, but then just the other day shes outside in the white lingerie and black hose(pic somewhere below) and the neighbors walks over, and Kat goes to bending over and fixing her hose, and showing off a little. Anyway, heres some randoms..I will post the sets with positive feedback...

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Hi guys, gals and couples,, its been a while since me and the wife have sent some pics in for your enjoyment,,, well here they r,,,,, these shots are from three different shoots approx, 3months apart,, and as you all will see the 39 year old wife is still hot and cooking,,,,,,,, phone sex has been great and all the past comments really got her off,,,,,,,,,,, this is bye far the best site on the web,,,,, and if your not a member of voy-zone yet,,, you better join because, we have sent a set into that section also,,,, and u should see what she does with her toy,,, well please post our email and keep the kind words cumming,, maybee we will talk to u one night,,,, name this contri 39 and still cooking,,,,,, thanks guys more soon ,,,sexman PS.. if i missed any faces please blur for me ,,, sorry folks she is still shy....

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